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Item No.: TK20040901
uvc led UV Sterilizer Bag
Material:  Canvas/PU + Aluminum Foil
  • [Universal Disinfection Package]: In addition to ultraviolet disinfection of underwear, it can be used for headphones / hearing aids / stethoscopes / dentures / toothbrushes / beauty tools / feeding bottles / toys / forks / knife / glasses / jewelry / keys. Quick disinfection in 3 minutes
  • [Advanced UV LED Lamp]: There are 12 bulbs in it, 6 lamp beads on the top of the box and 6 lamp beads on the bottom. The uv bulbs will last 10,000 hours. Assuming that it is 3 minutes each time and 60 times a day, that is 3 hours a day. In this way, the bulbs can be used for about 9 years. Honestly, the intensity of the 12 ultraviolet disinfection lamp is equal to more than 20 times of the intensity of the sun
  • [About Effect]: The UV wavelength is 260nm-280nm.There is no any residual smell after cleaning. When going out, you can put it in your suitcase as a storage bag, so you can enjoy a safe and comfortable vacation. The sterilization bag is portable, useful, universal and healthy.
  • [One-Button Design]: With operation and automatic shutdown function, disinfection is completed within 3 minutes, and there’s a little window on the front of the unit that let you know the UV is working.
  • [Other Details]: Everything going into the bag do not have to be completely dry, as long as the water doesn't drip onto the light panel, it's OK. Take the cpap hose for example, first, the cpap hose itself is clean. UV disinfection bags have the function of sterilizing, not washing.