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China's experience key in fighting COVID-19

                                           China's lessons are profound and experience is precious.
                                         All these have been paid for with life and blood.
                                        It has also been achieved through the hard work and concerted efforts of the 1.4 billion people.
                                        If you follow it, you won't go astray. Let's face it and conquer it together!

I come from Dongguan, manufacturing city in Guangdong Province of China. It is to the south of China.

We've just defeated the Covid-19 and moved on to the prevention and control of imported cases. To be on the safe side, all the students are still having classes at home via the Internet, and everyone else is basically back to normal.

Throughout China, there have been no localcases in recent days. The epidemic prevention campaign has achieved great phased results. At present, the main work is to treat the early diagnosis of severe infection and strict control of imported patients.

I would like to share with you our experience and lessons in fighting Covid-19, which I hope will be useful to you. Our successful experience is: 

1) Earlier prevention, earlier detection, earlier isolation, earlier treatment;

2) Full defense, full control, joint defense, joint control;

3) National mobilization, participation of the whole people.

(Photo: Check, check, check…Test, test, test...No matter where you come from, no matter where you go...Let the virus have no place to hide.)

In China, it took a national effort to save one city--Wuhan, to keep the death rate to a minimum. Even so, more than 3,000 people have died. Until today (April. 7), China has confirmed 81,566 cases nationwide, with 3,267 deaths, a death rate of nearly 4 percent. Without strict government control and a high degree of public participation, the number would have to be more than doubled. Just look at the death rate in Italy, Spain and USA today.

The early tragedy in China is that we didn't know the Covid-19 was so severe at the beginning. Understanding the seriousness of the situation, the government began to strictly control, the people strengthened their self-protection, and soon the situation was reversed. Therefore, we all know the seriousness of the matter and how terrible it is!

(Pic: People all over the country STAY AT HOME for a period of time to avoid cross-infection.People all say humorously: stay at home, eat well, drink well, rest well and do not work,this is to make contributions to the country and the people! Indeed, staying at home is a service to the country)

Italy didn't care at first, so things got worse. I heard that some people in many countries still don't care and don't protect themselves. This is a terrible thing. Wuhan and Italy are good examples.


I hope you and your country will pay attention to it and call on the whole people to take action to protect themselves-- must pay great attention to it, stock up on food, stay at home, do not go out, do not party, wash your hands always, use gloves, WEAR MASKS, eat delicious food and exercise to improve immunity.

Why do we HAVE TO wear a mask, no matter what traditions we have, whether we like it or not? IT DEPENDS ON HOW THE CORONAVIRUS SPREADS.

-- it spreads through the AIR, AEROSOL, TALKING and CLOSE CONTACT;

-- What's more,we DON'T know who is infected.

Even if you're a superman or a ghost so that you are not afraid of death, but you are a person in the society. To wear a mask is not just for yourself, but for your family, your friends, doctors and nurses, the people close to you and the whole community and society.



To better protect every one of us, including doctors and nurses, please WEAR MASKS.
HW2105 (6)

(Photo: For the general public, it is OK to use such a common three-layer mask, but do not need to use medical mask, such ar N95 mask and KN95 mask. We'd better give priority to the medical staff to use these professional masks)

The tragedy of the rapid spread of the disease in Wuhan, Europe and USA has much to do with the widespread absence of face masks. Some people do not like wearing mask, even hate it. That's ridiculous!

Just give you some most amazing cases in China and you'll know this:

-- A man passing a patient in a vegetable market and getting infected in 15 seconds. They did not know each other and did not speak to each other. Just passing by. BOTH OF THEM DID NOT WEAR MASKS.

-- Some people are infected in elevators -- because the air is infected, and there are some virus on the switch button. We had no idea how contagious this virus was!

-- A medical expert caught the infection through his eyes while visiting a hospital room, even though he was wearing a protective suit.

(Video: The professional team is sterilizing the public places without dead corner.)

How terribly contagious it is! It also has a high fatality rate. It's worse than SARS and MERS! In the face of it, no one can afford to take it lightly!

Life safety and health is first, work and business is second,your traditions and habits is last.

China's lessons are profound and experience is precious. All this was bought with life and blood.It has also been achieved through the hard work and concerted efforts of the 1.4 billion people. If you follow it, you won't go astray.

Your life safety and health comes first, work and business comes later, traditions and habits come last.

Good luck to you, your family and all of your people.
                                                     How did the doctors and nurses die in
                                       the battle against the Covid-19 ?
                                              How to protect them ?

Here are some photos of the warriors.They are heroes.They are fighters. But,they are old and experienced doctors from Italy.

Salute to them! Good luck on their way! May they continue to help us in heaven.

(Photo: Chinese young and brave doctors and nurses from all over the country are going to the front.)

But we must know that they were not killed by the virus, they were killed by the ignorance and incompetence of the government! Yes, one hundred percent.

They were exposed to the environment, they faced to patients all day, but they didn't wear proper protective clothing, masks, goggles, gloves, etc., in short, they didn't protect themselves well. Is it not a human tragedy and a government evil that a large number of doctors and nurses have died as a result?

(Photo above: Safe medical protective clothing)

At the beginning, hospitals in Wuhan, China, did the same because they did not know about the novel Coronavirus,COVID-19. As a result, they did not wear special protective clothing. It's easy to get infected and die.

But when scientists and the government identified the virus and launched a nationwide support campaign, the first thing they did was to equip doctors and nurses with high-quality protective clothing and equipment; and doctors and nurses work in shifts to keep them from getting infected, to get a good rest, and to keep fighting. As a result, none of the more than 40,000 doctors and nurses have been infected so far. ZERO infection, ZERO casualties, and ZERO accidents, they did. (40,000+: this number refers to doctors and nurses from hospitals and military units across the country, excluding local doctors and nurses in Wuhan and Hubei Province.)


(Photo above: Safe medical protective clothing and equipment)

We can say that this success and victory is a victory for scientific protection, and also shows that the government has done a good job in the supporting work.
(Photo above: Before work, they must wear the medical protective clothing first, meticulous, three layers inside and three layers outside)
(Photo above: Armed doctors and nurses are like armed soldiers, they have a sense of security, so they have strong confidence and fighting capacity. More importantly,they bring confidence to patients, their families and the whole society.The truth is, it was because of our brave white fighters that the patients recovered and we won the battle against Covid-19 finally. On the contrary, if they are not well protected, they will be sent to the battlefield to die.Without doctors and nurses, would the patients still be alive? Can we beat Covid-19?)

(Photo above: The task is difficult, the pressure is huge, there are so many patients...... why not the medical staff tired? We carried out shift system and change the new team regularly so that they get a timely rest and keep vigorous fighting force always.)

It is sad to see that the epidemic is getting worse and worse all over the world and the prevention and control efforts are not effective except China.

It is sad to see that more and more people are dying and the infectivity of their doctors and nurses is as high as 20%, especially in Italy, Spain and America.

We saddened to see that doctors and nurses in the USA lack professional protective clothing and equipment. They had to reuse masks and had to use plastic bags for protective clothing......They are so brave and dedicated but almost totally exposed to the polluted environment, exhausted and overwhelmed. How passive they are!


(Photo: Kious Kelly and her colleagues wore protective clothing made from GARBAGE BAGS.Can they isolate Covid-19?)

Latest news on Mar.24th: Kious Kelly, head nurse at a Manhattan hospital in New York, died of Covid-19 at age 48.

She is a retrograde hero, white angel and white fighter.But she is also a daughter, a mother and a woman. She was gone in this way, for the patient,for the job she loved. What is the cause of this tragedy?

Let us take another look at the hero in adversity. Hats off to her. Meanwhile, we ask ourselves, who killed her?


(Photos above: American doctors and nurses on the front lines of the Covid-19 battle -- very unprofessional protective clothing, so that their head,face,eyes,neck,arms,feet,etc.are completely exposed to the air pollution,the whole body can not prevent the invasion of Coronavirus.)

Doctors and nurses are the most important fighters on the front lines so that they must have sharp weapons and hard shields in hand. Otherwise, it is like sending them unarmed to the battlefield and death awaits them, there is no victory.So, arm them in full first!

We call on governments, hospitals, entrepreneurs and philanthropists first prepare enough medical equipment and protective equipment and clothing for doctors and nurses. Prepare for a long war! It's never too late to mend.


(Photo above: About 50,000 doctors and nurses from all over China supported Hubei Province and Wuhan City--local doctors and nurses in Hubei Province and Wuhan City are not included, achieved ZERO infection, ZERO casualties, and ZERO accidents.They are returning home triumphantly.)

Also, let's all wear masks wherever you are, especially in a hospital, for yourself, for others, for the doctors and nurses, too. Masks are small, but the outbreak is significant. Our life and health are precious, doctors and nurses' are more precious.

We want to see healthy angels in white, not heroes and warriors who shed their blood or even died in vain!



(Photo Above: They saved us. We should protect them first to win the battle of Covid-19.)


(Photo above: China's domestic epidemic has not been completely eradicated, our brave teams of medical experts have been sent to Italy, Spain, UK, Pakistan and other countries to carry out humanitarian relief.We believe that China's experience will enlighten and help these countries.Wish our brave fighters success in their work and safe return home soon.)

Latest update at 9:30 on April 6th, 2010: A total of 1,272,022 Covid-19 cases have been confirmed worldwide, more than 337,00 in the United States, more than 130,000 in Spain, more than 120,000 in Italy and more than 100.000 Germany. In just two weeks, the data is growing at a geometric rate. It's shocking, it's scary! See the table below:


The data in the above table are clear and obvious:

South Korea, Japan, Russia and Singapore borrowed from China's methods so that Covid-19 have not spread much;Spain,Italy,Germany, France,Serbia and other country are doing the same,so spread of the epidemic has been effectively slowed; However,the United States did not do this, so the spread of COVID-19 is extremely striking,and there is no end in sight!

We are pleased te see Mr. Bill Gates has called on the United States to learn from China's experience and lessons in fighting Covid-19. That's great! Believe America will win over COVID-19 soon.

Whether a cat is white or black, it is a good cat that catches mice. No matter what method, which method can cure a patient is a good method. Hopefully, the China's experience will be useful to all countries and to you. The people of the world unite to defeat COVID-19 at an early date!

Thank you for taking the time to read my article!

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